A plant supplier with passion at the core

Having kept house plants since I was 14, and owning over 100 myself, I knew the next natural step was to guide, inspire and share with others my passion for plants and the power they have on mental health and well-being. Regardless of ability or know how, I completely believe there is a plant for everyone and every location, and nothing brings me more pleasure than helping you find your perfect pairing.

Terrarium Workshops

Guess what!? Queen of Green can offer terrarium workshop locally in North East Yorkshire

If you've got a party coming up, from hen do's to big celebration birthdays or you own a business and want to offer your customers a unique experience, these workshops are just the ticket.

With all the supplies you'll need brought right to your door, a mini plant care presentation to start, guidance and demo and then the chance to get creative together, your guests will love their mini eco-system that they can take home and enjoy for years to come.

Having hosted many sessions across the North East already and owning 7 terrariums myself, I can totally vouch for the fact that these are a very easy way to add plants to you life.  Not good with plants? Don't worry, due to the fine balance of light, heat and the self watering system they create, terrariums are a very easy way to keep plants thriving and look very stylish in the home or office too.

Want to attend a local one? Please keep an eye on my social media channels to see where we will be next and when tickets are available. Want to host your own? Drop me an email or message via socials and lets chat.

Meet the owner

Hello everyone, welcome to the “about me section” I’m Sharon, the crazy plant lady! I truly believe that people who have plants in their lives are better for it, the science doesn’t lie!

I also think the saying “people buy from people” still couldn’t be truer now than it ever has been, by building relationships based on trust and commitment.

This is what Queen of Green was built on: a love for plants and a passion for connection with others who have shared interests.

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  • Other Services

    Did you know I also offer a local plant care service? This is a great way to get your plants checked over, learn about their needs in person, get advice or help with repotting and propagation and all in the comfort of your own home.

    A holiday plant watering service is also offered locally too, should you need it. After all, your plants are like pets and will still need care while your away.

  • Customer Reviews

    "What a wonderful evening we had at the terrarium workshop yesterday.
    Sharon is truly passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about her subject.
    The plants and supplies she provided for us were of excellent quality. I can't wait to see how my terrarium grows over the coming weeks. I have a new found interest in houseplants now. Thank you Sharon for a great evening!'

    - Amanda Meadows

    'Sharon at Queenofgreen_HQ knows her stuff. The time and care she puts into each individual plant, researching and understanding their needs so they can thrive, is so important when having your own plant collection. Sharon offers great advice and service to anyone, from experience plant owners to a new starter. 🌿❤️"

    - Lynette Sherrard