Other Services

Did you know I also offer a local plant care service? This is a great way to get your plants checked over, learn about their needs in person, get advice or help with repotting and propagation and all in the comfort of your own home.

Do you need some repotting help? This is another service option, especially for those worried about getting it wrong or limited for time.

A holiday plant watering service is also offered locally too, should you need it. After all, your plants are like pets and will still need care while your away.

Not local?? No problem, a video consultation can also be arrange via email, and a small fee will be generated before setting a date and time thats convenient to you.

Larger plant instilations are also offered for a budget to suit you. Perfect for a business or home enviroment that wants to add some life to their space. With no obligation to purchase after the consultation is complete. (fee for consultation redeemed against plants)

Whatever your needs are I am happy to help, contact me below.

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