Why plants, Why now?

Why plants, Why now?

"My response......Why not!?

Hello dear reader, I'm not sure how you've found yourself here or why you've taken time out of your day to immerse yourself in my ramblings but I am only too happy to have you visit this blog and hope a little part of what I share within these pages sticks with you or impacts you in some way.

I will keep this first blog, like my 4ft 11 stature , short and sweet with maybe a little added sass.

So where did it all begin? 

Plants have played a huge part in my life for years, from 8 year old me taking part in gardening hobbies and obtaining my "veg patch" badge at brownies, then my first house plant in my early teens that I inherited from my grandfather ( an aspidistra if your interested) to the shop bought, "save me" plants that I used my pocket money for. They literally have been part of my daily scenery for as long as I can remember.

Going in and out of fashion even in my life time, plants have always has some sort of magnetic pull for me. I don't know if its just in my blood (green fingered genes) or part of my aura and the way they make me feel that keeps my interest in ways no other hobby has, but I will say this, they have saved me and kept me sane through so much and i've learnt that its been the same for so many others over the last couple of years as well.

The science also doesn't lie, Plants make for a better living environment, cycling and removing toxins from the air we breath, making us up to 15% more efficient in our home office or work space and boosting our mood too. I love the zen vibe I get around plants, both within the home and within nature.

So this is one of the main reasons i've taken this huge leap of faith and set up Queen of Green HQ,  to share my knowledge and passion and to connect with others who feel the same (knowingly or not, there's a green fingered botanist in us all). Providing some amazing specimens at affordable prices across the U.K as well as offering other much needed services such as terrarium workshops, plant advice and care consultations, plant placement and installations to local businesses or private homes and a repotting service or holiday watering service for those who need that bit of extra help.  

All in all i'm doing it for the passion, as they say work never feels like work when you love what you do. I hope maybe you'll follow me along on this journey and allow me to spark your interest to start or add to a collection of your own.

Thanks for reading, and do join me for the next blog soon. 

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