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Platycerium bifurcatum - Staghorn fern

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LAST ONE- some leaf damage hence price


The must have for Fern lovers and perfect for bathrooms. This low-maintenance and air-purifying house plant can tolerate a very low level of sunlight. This plant loves high humidity and will thrive in shaded spots. Often called Elk Horn or Staghorn ferns due to their weird and wonderful fronds. 


How to care for your Fern -

Water: Water when the top soil is dry to the touch about 1" down

 Light: Happiest in anything from indirect light to semi shade. No direct sun.

Humidity: Loves a humid bathroom.

Temperature:  Average room temperatures down to about 10'c


Other info - 

Pot size: 12 cm 

Toxic to cats & dogs? No

Air purifying? Yes