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Marimo Moss Balls-In Jar

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An incredibly easy and interesting little 'plant', which looks like moss, but is actually a (friendly) algae that forms into velvety soft ball. These are often used in aquariums, but they look really great on their own when placed in a clear vase filled with water. 

These come in a glass jar with pebbles but the water will be removed for shipping and the ball placed in some plastic wrap to keep it damp during transport. Just refill the jar with fresh water when you get it and pop the Moss ball back in, squeezing out excess air if it's floating. 


How to care for your Marimo

Water: A water change once every 2-3 weeks is best and then remove the Moss ball and rinse once in awhile too.

Light: Grown best in semi shade.  Rule of thumb, if exposed to direct light algae can grow on the moss and in the jar and the water can become green. 

Temperature: They enjoy warmth, about 14-20 degrees C.  avoid any chance of frost


Other info - 

Pot size: 9 cm

Approx height including pot: 35cm

Toxic to cats & dogs? NO and can be placed in fish tanks

Air purifying? They can create oxygen