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Lucky Bamboo

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At bit of Luck- at long last Queen of Green has managed to get in stock some lucky bamboo, these cute 6cm pots are the perfect add on treat or gift for a plant lover that might want a little more luck in their lives. 

Lucky Bamboo has been used for thousands of years in many parts of Asia as it is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and love to you or the person you share it with! It's also got a fascinating fact in that it's actually part of the Dracaena family! Use only rain water for your bamboo.


How to care for your bamboo -

Water:  keep well watered and this will thank you 

Light: Bright indirect light is best. Too much sun and the leaves will scorch, but too little and it will become leggy and sparse.

Humidity:  mist once in a while but not essential. 

Temperature: Average room temperatures but nothing below 10’c.


Other info - 

Pot size: 6 cm 

Toxic to cats & dogs? Yes

Air purifying? Yes