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Hoya Linearis

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Hoya Linearis

The long, slender foliage of this hoya creates a cascading effect along the length of the trailing stems, and if the plant receives enough light, it may also produce clusters of star shaped, lemon scented, wax-like cream coloured flowers. One easy going trailing plants that creates great impact.

How to care for your hoya -

Water:  Less is more when it comes to watering; I like to wait until the pot feels light then give a good soak allowing to dry a fair amount in between.

Light: This hoya grows best in very bright light. Slight Southern exposure is best, but it can adapt to east or west locations in front of a window. In low light, a Hoya Carnosa plant may never bloom. 

Humidity: They like high humidity and would be perfect for a bathroom or kitchen.

Temperature: Average room temperature is fine.

Other info - 

Pot size: 12cm with unclippable hanger

Toxic to cats & dogs? No

Air purifying? Yes