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Ficus Shivereana -Rubber plant

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Rubber plants are the retro blast from the past that we all love to embrace. Everyone and their gran had one of these in their plant collection. Easy to care for, great for growing big and beautiful and a lover of bright indirect light. (Think east facing window sill or south facing room) 

This rarely seen Ficus Moonshine/Shivereana has bright lime-green leaves with stunning variegation and a gorgeous rose tinge to new leaves. 

Top tip- clean my leaves regularly. 

How to care for your Rubber Plant 

Water:  Let the soil dry out to about 1”/2” between watering, they enjoy a little misting and never leave sitting in water.

Light: They thrive in bright indirect sunlight. No full sun!

Humidity:  Great for humid bathrooms

Temperature: They love average temperatures.

Other info - 

Pot size: 9 cm 

Toxic to cats & dogs? Yes

Air purifying? Yes