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Calathea Rosy Picta

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Another amazing Calathea to add to your collection and one of the most popular there is. With its pink and purple patterned leaves and deep burgundy underside that move into an upright position at night (Prayer plant), they are a stunning addition to any collection. Native to Brazil and found dwelling in humid areas, this will give you some indication as to the conditions you should provide for them.


How to care for your Calathea-

 Water:  Never let your calathea dry out fully, think little and often in summer, keeping soil moist but not standing in water, allow top 2cm to dry in winter. TOP TIP- use rain water, they can be sensitive to chemicals in tap water.

Light: Partial to semi shade area, never ever in full sun.

Humidity:  Great for humid bathrooms or kitchens but misting can help keep it happy anywhere. Brown leaf tips would indicate low humidity. 

Temperature: They love the warmth, about 16-20'c


Other info - 

Pot size: 12 cm 

Toxic to cats & dogs? No

Air purifying? Yes