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Begonia Adonia-Pink

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Begonia Adonia is a popular plant for gardens and flower bed but is fast becoming a lovely and very attractive indoor plant for bright spots and warm locations. With deep green leaves and vibrant pink flowers in a rosset formation it's no wonder they have become so loved over the years.  A nice East facing or West facing window would be best or set back from a South facing spot. Keep an eye on the leaves as a watering indicator for this plant, a bit like peace lilies they will droop when they are ready for a soak. Not very forgiving if you allow them to over dry though. Bottom watering is best too!

Remove old, faded leaves and flowers, and keep leaves dust free. Can be propagated by stem cuttings in spring and summer


How to care for your begonia -

Water:  Only water your begonia once the top soil feels dry, less so throughout Winter and never leave standing in water. 

Light: Begonia love bright indirect sunlight.

Humidity: They love lots of humidity so would be very happy in a bathroom but don't mist or mildew can form.

Temperature: They love the warmth, about 15-20 degrees C. Can be planted outside in the summer and protected from frost over winter and they should come back year after year.


Other info - 

Pot size: 13.5 cm

Toxic to cats & dogs? Yes

Air purifying? Yes