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Begonia Maculata Wightii - Polka Dot Plant

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This lovely, spotted beauty, which is also known as the polka dot plant for obvious reasons, will bring some fun to your home! With its dotty leaves, red underside and white flowers this plant is perfect if you are looking for something special and BONUS, it comes with the decorative pot making it the perfect gift.  Begonias are some of my personal favorites and can be a tricky variety to look after but with some TLC they will thrive! Top Tip - Don't mist as it encourages mould!

How to care for your begonia -

Water:  Only water your begonia once the top soil feels dry to about 1/2 way down the nursery pot, less so throughout Winter. 

Light: Begonia love bright indirect sunlight.

Humidity: They love lots of humidity so would be very happy in a bathroom!

Temperature: They love the warmth, about 20 degrees C.


Other info - 

Pot size: 12 cm

Toxic to cats & dogs? Yes

Air purifying? Yes