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Begonia masoniana- Iron cross begonia

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These gorgeous, textural, almost material like plants are one of the more unusual species from the begonia family. Getting their name from the prominent dark brown pattern in the centre of each leaf, reminiscent of the German Iron Cross. Native to Southern China and Northern Vietnam they are lovers of bright indirect light and higher levels of humidity where possible (think East or West facing bathrooms!) 


How to care for your Begonia 

Water: Water when the soil is dry to about 1” down and the plant shows slight signs of droop. Railing back in winter. 

Light: These grow best in bright INDIRECT light, and don’t tolerate shade too well. If exposed to direct light, their leaves will fade and yellow or crisp and can often develop blotches or patches. 

Humidity: Brown leaf tips indicate that humidity is too low, they love a bathroom or a pebble tray to stand on with a little water in and prefer rain water .

Temperature:  standard home temperatures are best but love warm humid conditions best.

Other info - 

Pot size: 15 cm 

Toxic to cats & dogs? Yes

Air purifying? Yes